Call For Speakers:

What did you do? And even more importantly, HOW did you do it? Share with other high school and college teachers your successful and not-so-successful experiences using technology in teaching mathematics! We encourage submissions from instructors at all levels -- four-year colleges, universities, community colleges, and high schools -- on using and assessing technology in:
  • Visualization of mathematics
  • Investigations in mathematics
  • Interactive mathematics classes on site or at a distance
  • Mathematics and its applications
  • Student projects in mathematics
  • Nuts and bolts of specific software, calculators, the Internet, podcasts, etc.
  • Innovative use of technology
  • Interdisciplinary applications of mathematics and technology
  • Classes for preservice teachers
  • Other mathematics with technology teaching and learning situations.
Submit your proposal by Friday, April 12, 2019.

New this year: A Student Poster Session! Calling all math students who have completed projects that involved 3-D Printing, computer modeling, or some other interesting use of modern technology -- apply to present your work at the Expo! Create a poster and share your work with us. Under Format of Presentation, select "Student Poster Session", and for Co-Presenter list your instructor's name.

Primary Speaker Information:

Name of School/Company:
Mailing Address:
Will you and/or your co-presenter
be receiving compensation from a publisher, software company, etc.?
Please Explain:
Brief, 50 to 150 words, to be used
to introduce you at your presentation
Which Day Can You Present?
Format of Presentation:
The Hands-On Workshops are in a classroom setting
and not in a computer lab.
Title of Presentation:
The title should indicate the kind of
technology used and the mathematical content.
A summary, 50-150 words, of the presentation to be
printed in the program. Include the content, pedagogy, mathematics
and technology focus of the talk, possible courses targeted,
level of technology expertise expected of your students
Additional Information:
Briefly identify any information about
you and/or your talk that is relevant to determining the
scheduling of this talk for the EXPO.
Equipment for the Presenter:
Please provide a specific list of the computer,
software, calculators, AV equipment, etc. that
you would need in order to make this presentation.

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