Fri. & Sat. Oct. 6th and 7th

University of Missouri - Kansas City

Grant Sanderson


Grant studied mathematics and computer science at Stanford University, then took a less traditional path into mathematical outreach through the Khan Academy content fellowship program where he took over multivariable calculus development in 2015, and still occasionally contributes. These days he devotes full time to his animated mathematics videos at 3blue1brown, about which he says: “Part of the project is to create series which take an animated approach to distilling common subjects into their essence, such as the ‘Essence of linear algebra’ or ‘Essence of calculus’ series. The remainder includes videos for a generally math- interested audience, taking the same animated approach to expose lesser known topics and pieces of creative math”. He wrote his own software to do the animations, and develops them programmatically.

Christopher Danielson


Christopher has a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from Michigan State University and has worked with math learners of all ages—12 year-olds in his former middle school classroom, Calculus students, teachers, and young children at Math On-A-Stick at the Minnesota State Fair. He designs online math curriculum at Desmos. Currently on leave from the math department at Normandale Community College, he is the author of Which One Doesn't Belong? A Shapes Book, Common Core Math For Parents For Dummies and the forthcoming counting book How Many? . He blogs for teachers at Overthinking My Teaching and for parents at Talking Math with Your Kids.

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